Teachers Everywhere

These days people most teachers become teachers because it is there “fall-back” career. Meaning they didn’t have the skill or maybe the patience to stick it out from what they were aiming to be in the beginning and so they settled on teaching what they knew to others.

Just because you have a better understanding on the subject than the students, it doesn’t automatically mean you can “teach”. There is so much more to know and be to actually officially be a teacher.

Every teachers personality coincides with the way they teach. Obviously. Now, I have about 9 teachers in school that teach me different subjects everyday. I have favorite teachers, and teachers I probably shouldn’t, but despise.

The thing that makes me like them is their personality, or they way they interact with others. If they have a good or likable personality I respect them and henceforth am able to learn from them and take them seriously.

Even if a teacher is the best in teaching whatever field he/she is teaching, I won’t learn a thing if I am not ready or willing to listen.

There is this quote that I love:

It’s the little things that count.

So true.